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How Words Change Traumatic Experiences - Logosynthesis

S. von Blumenthal (Bad Ragaz)


In psychotherapy of sexual abuse there are often difficulties to lead the client through the prcoess without retraumatization. Telling the story doesn’t help to lower the suffering and reactions of the traumatic memories. With Logosynthesis the client experiences a sudden relief of the symptoms.

Logosynthesis offers a clear protocol to work with triggers and reactions. You activate the trigger through specific questions about the perceptions and aspects of the traumatic experience. The triggers are represented as pictures, voices or noises or kinesthetic sensations and then apply the Logosynthesis sentences.

Logosynthesis was developped ten years ago by Dr. Willem Lammers, a psychologist. The method is embedded in different psychotherpeutic issues e.g.  based on the metapher of energy for changes. Dissociated parts and introjects are frozen energy structures. Logosynthesis dissolves those energy structures and neutralizes the triggers.


A case study of the female patient with sexual abuse is presented. The treatment with Logosynthesis is embedded in a integrative psychotherapy and medication. Duration of therapy about 2 years with total 30 sessions. The specific application of Logosynthesis is presented in this case and how it works.


The patient has recovered from a severe depression and anxiety disorder. The medication could be lowered and then disrupted. The memories of the sexual abuse are diminished. The body reactions have weakened . The quality of life raised extremely. She went back to work after a 10 years period with suffering.


Logosynthesis is a very effective psychotherapeutic method and easy to apply.

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